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Steuer Elite Training

The Steuerelite Training (Tax Elite Training) is an info product delivered as a video course in the high price segment of the Austrian IPA group. In this course participants learn how to use the current tax laws in their favor and thereby optimize their taxes drastically. The general sales funnel for the Steuerelite Training was a live webinar funnel which they generated leads for in October 2021. It was later converted to an evergreen webinar funnel which is still running today. Since the IPA group is a long time customer of OneTrack, they also decided to use OneTrack for this webinar launch.

"Thanks to OneTrack’s excellent tracking solution, we’re seeing webinar registration prices which we haven’t seen for 4-5 years. It feels like we’re back in 2016 where you could buy cheap leads on Facebook and Instagram Ads that would convert great afterwards."

- Markus Siuda, Marketer


The IPA launched the Steuerelite Training ads for their live webinar. The ads for this were mainly running on Meta and YouTube and they wanted to raise around 40,000 leads. The problem was that in the beginning of their campaign the CPC was way too high, so that their Ad Spend wouldn’t have been in efficient use. This means that they wasted a lot of Ad Spend per webinar registration. At this point it was also impossible for them to track their webinar registrations throughout the whole funnel. This meant that in the end they weren’t able to attribute their purchases to their webinar registrants and their webinar participants correctly. Thus, they didn’t know which leads to nurture and which to upsell. With OneTrack they decided to regain the control over their own data, so that all the data gets post backed to the ad platforms and improves the performance of the ads and the quality of the leads.


We deployed all twelve tracking tools on their Clickfunnels, WebinarJam, and Digistore24 to track all leads over the long sales cycle and post this data back. This way they were able to see at which stage of the funnel each lead was and how they needed to be retargeted. In order to assure this amount of accuracy we collected data from each platform and evaluated it. As our next step we post backed the collected data to our client’s advertising platforms. This way, the advertising platforms had more data to optimize the target groups and therefore the ads. Once we were sure that all data was accurately transferred we started to target qualitative leads with ads and directed them into the funnel. As our last step we integrated our Lead Stage Tracking for HubSpot to track and evaluate each lead in their CRM over the long run.


With our help they could scale their webinar leads efficiently because we could attribute every data point we collected in every step of the funnel to a specific customer profile. The results were outstanding! After just one day, the tracking implementation caused a 19.1% reduction in their CPC. After just 3 days, the numbers have already dropped by 31.8%. The cost of a qualitative webinar participant on Meta was therefore only 5.92€ and on YouTube 2.09€. The return for this webinar ended up in a mid 7-digit range and broke every past record in the company. The client was more than happy with the results.

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