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Skyscanner is a renowned search engine for flight and hotel bookings, but also car rentals. They work with over 1,200 travel suppliers and are one of the largest online search portals for travel services. In this case study, we worked on reaching the right audience for car rentals while simultaneously reducing the company’s advertising costs in the process.


The pandemic severely limited the demand for travel, which made it difficult for the company to find customers. Skyscanner wanted to make sure they reached customers who were desperately looking for a rental car right now.


Based on the data we’ve collected over a few weeks, we at OneTrack helped build a working custom audience. To do this, we first set up our packages Iris and Genesis, which combine an artificial intelligence approach with fingerprinting and server-to-server tracking methods. Afterwards, we collected the data in a database, and were then able to create working custom audiences that were accurately forwarded to Facebook.


Using the new, highly tracked audience resulted in an increase in all key campaign metrics, including a 244.2% improvement in audience targeting accuracy and a 60.8% decrease in eCPM. The client was more than happy about our results!

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