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Here you will find the answer to our frequently asked questions about OneTrack. If you still need an answer, feel free to book a free consultation call or send us an email to support@one-track.io.

At what point is OneTrack profitable?

Depending on how many sites you want to use OneTrack on, the implementation can take between 24 hours and seven days. You will receive an exact time for your situation from us in a non-binding strategy discussion.

Can I Track My Email Marketing?

Yes, OneTrack works with every email system. We can track everything for you.

Can my advertising account be blocked by OneTrack?

No! We provide all the necessary data for your advertising platform based on their best practices.

Does OneTrack help with iOS14 tracking issues?

Yes, OneTrack fixes all tracking issues known at this time due to iOS14, ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) and AdBlocker. (Status: December 2021)

On how many pages can OneTrack be used?

You can use OneTrack on all your pages. There is no limit. We recommend to implement OneTrack on as many pages as possible, because this increases the amount of collected data for the analysis by the artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what does it do at OneTrack?

Artificial Intelligence is a technical term for an algorithm that can analyze large amounts of data, recognize structures and patterns independently and thus improve from time to time, i.e. become “smarter”. At OneTrack, we use artificial intelligence to cleanly merge your collected data (e.g. through the placement of ads) and thereby create better Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences for you. Your data never leaves your tracking server.

What is the difference between OneTrack and other softwares on the market? (Why are we better?)

OneTrack differs in all relevant points from third-party tracking software and the confusing service offers of service providers. OneTrack collects MORE data, BETTER data, EVALUATES it and FEEDS it back to the advertising platforms. Without errors, without problems and without you having to lift a finger – everything is automated for you. And should you ever want to talk to us, your personal contact person is available 24/7.

When will I see the first results?

You will see the first results after successful implementation of OneTrack usually after 1-3 weeks, depending on the amount of your Ad Spend.

Facebook Pixel vs. Server-to Server Tracking: What is that?

The main difference between Facebook Pixel and OneTrack is that FB Pixel is based on third party cookie tracking. OneTrack on the other hand combines different tracking solutions (like ClickID, first party cookies, server-to-server tracking).

How does OneTrack differ from Wicked Reports?

Our system actually works.

How does OneTrack work and why is it better than ad platform based or analytics UTM tracking?

OneTrack syncs all of your data to one source and integrates with every part of your business. In contrast to ad platform based tracking and analytics UTM tracking, OneTrack uses more than one way to collect data and is tailored to your individual funnels. This provides you with more accurate tracking, easier data analysis across platforms, and ultimately, more profitable ads.

How long will it take before I can use OneTrack?

OneTrack is profitable for every online marketer. No matter if you are an agency, an e-commerce store, a large corporation or a coach.

I already integrated Facebook Conversion API (CAPI), isn’t that server-to-server tracking?

No, this is a deceptive security. CAPI only describes the connection of your page and Facebook’s conversion API. However, this is still massively error-prone, inaccurate and collects less data.

I have lots of custom things. Will my business be too difficult to set up?

No, OneTrack can be setup with any business because we’re not just offering a plug and play solution. OneTrack is always individually setup for your business. You don’t have to do anything, our team will integrate the whole OneTrack solution for you. So there will likely never be a problem, regardless of how “custom” it is. In case we should ever be unable to plug in we have a 120-day refund guarantee. You won’t ever pay a penny if you fail to see results.

Is OneTrack difficult to use?

No. OneTrack is set up individually for you and your needs by our specialists. You don’t have to do anything. After the successful setup, OneTrack runs automatically in the background. Nothing changes in your familiar user interface, e.g. in the ad manager.

Will OneTrack also help me with an e-commerce business?

Yes, OneTrack is even specifically designed for use in e-commerce stores.

Can I show all OneTrack data in my ad platform managers?

Yes, you can view all OneTrack data in your ad platform managers. But there may still be some faulty attribution in the FB business manager. That’s why we developed our own dashboard on which you can view and review all of your data on ad level, ad set level and campaign level without any attribution problems.

Can I import previous data and get retroactive results?

Yes, in general you can import all data from all the supported ad platforms.

Does OneTrack have access to my data?

No, OneTrack does not store any of your data. This data is stored exclusively on the tracking server set up for you personally.

What happens to the data that is collected?

All data collected by OneTrack resides with you. OneTrack does not store or collect any data. OneTrack ensures that all data resides on your own tracking server and is also curated there by the artificial intelligence.

How accurate and clean is the data that OneTrack collects?

OneTrack collects almost error-free data sets when set up correctly and plays them back to the advertising platforms without interruption. You never have to deal with discrepancies between real sales and tracked sales again in opposite to the Facebook Business Manager for example.

Is OneTrack GDPR compliant?

Yes, OneTrack is 100% GDPR compliant.

Is the data collected secure? Where is the collected data stored?

All collected data is hashed (encrypted) at security-critical points so that it is unusable for third parties. As a rule, we use Germany as the storage location for your data (but you can decide this yourself in the setup process if you would like to choose a different server location).

When will I see the first results?

Yes, of course you can. Just get in touch with your key account manager and we’ll discuss all the details with you.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can. We also offer a 120-day refund guarantee if you should be unhappy with OneTrack for any reason. We don’t believe you should pay if you are unhappy with our results. But most of all, we’re very confident you will love OneTrack and the results we’ll deliver for your business.

What if I need help?

OneTrack is always there for you. Whether by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp, you can reach us 24/7 at support@one-track.io. If you are already a customer, please reach out to your personal contact directly.

How much does OneTrack cost?

Since OneTrack is an individual service tailored to you, there are no fixed prices that are set from the beginning. The price depends on your individual usage and your individual traffic.

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