Why OneTrack is better than Hyros

Why are so many sharp marketers tracking their leads and sales with SegMetrics as opposed to Hyros?

For starters, Hyros is an invite-only platform. Any marketer or business owner that wants to try the platform will need to apply. SegMetrics on the other hand is open to anyone and has a totally transparent pricing model.

Both Hyros and SegMetrics track lead ROI from their source, for months or even years on end. This gives you a true Customer Lifetime Value metric, allowing you to know exactly how much you can spend to acquire a new customer.

However, SegMetrics is more robust in that it doesn’t just track your ad campaigns, leads, and sales. It can track every action a brand-new lead takes, i.e. the entire customer journey. This includes tracking your email campaigns, letting you see exactly which emails perform best.
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Native Marketing Connection

Combine your existing links together with native tagging in your email and CRM integrations to track all the touchpoints in your funnel — online and offline.

Link-Based Tagging

Categorize leads and clicks based on proprietary tags you add to your links.

Compare Top, Middle and Bottom Funnel Touchpoints

OneTrack lets you see how any step in your marketing funnel affects your bottom line, such as whether the webinar increased sales or how each upsell option affected revenue.

Compare Top Of Funnel Touchpoints

Hyros can let you see how the different sources and campaigns contributed to your revenue.

Create Your Ideal Dashboard

Create a performance overview that’s perfect for you and even set it up to email out each week or month.

Pre-Defined Reports

Hyros has fixed column sets and groupings, with pre-defined metrics.

Create Your Own Cohorts to See the Data How You Want

Segment the data to find your best customers. Group Segments into where they come from and what they do. Maybe you want to group data based on products or whether they watched the webinar? Anything is possible.

Group by Ad, Source, Campaign or Goal

Hyros allows you to see data grouped by campaign, source or goal.

Improve Both Sales and Retention

See how each touchpoint affects repeat purchases, subscriber churn, lifetime value or monthly revenue per segment. Identify high and low-performing cohorts to understand what you need to do next to improve your marketing.

Focused on Sales & Calls

Hyros helps you see your upfront and LTV sales performance from paid ads.

Analyze tons of past data in seconds

OneTrack imports all the past data from any integration, so you can start making decisions today -- no waiting.

Start on Day One

Hyros' click and data tracking starts the day you install the tracking pixel.

Robust Tracking

OneTrack combines information from your email and CRM integrations with a first-party cookie solution to track page views and links.

Web-based lead tracking

Hyros' lead tracking is based on pixel data, which may be interrupted by ad blockers.

Work at Your Pace

OneTrack offers both DFY & DIY services. We'll even train you and your team and assist with the set up. After that you can use SegMetrics how you wish, knowing we’re there for extra support if needed.

Get on a Demo

Hyros is invite only, and only works with business of a certain size and in certain industries.

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