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Guitar Master Plan

Guitar Master Plan is a German online platform that helps their customers to learn how to play the guitar without paying the immense costs for a private teacher. They offer multiple courses for different entry levels as well as a range of different playing styles that were designed specifically for either acoustic guitars or e-guitars. With their product, Guitar Master Plan is the leading company in Germany and one of the biggest online music schools in Europe.

"So far, we decreased our Cost Per Lead by 30-40%, and there is more to come."

- Ben Hübschmann, CEO of Guitar Master Plan


Guitar Masterplan noticed that the ads they placed became more expensive and the leads lost quality over time. Due to the fact that they were using numerous steps in their funnel that they couldn’t track accurately, there was an immense loss of data because they only had a pixel tracking and even the CAPI didn’t bring any improvements. This meant, that the conversion sank steadily while the leads became more expensive. That was a main problem which caused their ads on Meta and Google to become unprofitable. Another problem was that they weren’t able to track their e-mails on GetResponse properly. This made it difficult to track leads in the e-mail nurturing processes over a long period of time and see which purchases were coming from their e-mail campaigns, i.e. they couldn’t post back to Meta and Google which lead actually purchased after 4 weeks. With our help, they wanted to increase their tracking efficiency and gain their profitability on the platform back.


Since Guitar Master Plan had various funnels, we at OneTrack wanted to make sure that they were able to track and analyze all of them correctly. As our first step, we provided them with a tracking server as a base and started to integrate all of their funnels using first party and server-side tracking. We then incorporated our e-mail tracking for our client’s GetResponse by making a native connection to their e-mail integration. This way, they were able to finally track special e-mail events and transfer this data to Meta. Afterwards, we integrated Google into our OneTrack system, created server-side custom events and used the same strategy for TikTok and Snapchat in order to improve their tracking on all platforms they were advertising on.


With OneTrack, Guitar Master Plan was able to track the full customer journey and create accurate customer profiles which helped them to scale their ads. Thanks to our e-mail tracking they could also track all of their e-mails entirely. This helped them to detect which purchases were coming from their e-mails and figure out how well their e-mail campaigns were actually performing. But the biggest impact we could see was the sudden increase of conversions with a simultaneous decrease in their Ad Spend leading to a complete turnaround of their Google Ads chart. For the first time, they saw a CPL of 5.97€ on Google Ads. They had therefore decreased their CPL by 32.1% in only ten days and started to finally be profitable again.

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