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Kazaar Fragrances

Kazaar Fragrances is an e-commerce founded in 2019 with the purpose to create high quality fragrances and deliver them at a lower cost than comparable perfumes from high profile brands. All of their fragrances are mostly handmade to ensure the best quality of each ingredient during production.

"OneTrack enabled us to scale our AdSpend drastically and made our Meta campaigns work again!"


The e-commerce saw no or faulty attributions in their business manager and noticed that their ads started to perform increasingly worse than before. After the iOS and ITP update, their ROAS fell drastically to the worst point being 0.92 which means that they were not at all profitable with their Meta advertising. With the help of OneTrack, Kazaar Fragrances wanted to increase their tracking efficiency and gain their profitability on the platform back.  Another problem was that without Shopify Plus our customers were not able to track their ads on the single steps between page view and purchase. They solely relied on the Shopify Pixel plugin which reported directly to Facebook and caused faulty attributions due to missing data.


To help the e-com, we at OneTack offered a workaround so that even without Shopify+ they could be able to track every step. This helped them to increase and enrich the amount of data to then track and postback the optimized data to Facebook so that their ads could finally perform better. While integrating OneTrack we also focused on bypassing AdBlockers and ITP to achieve high data quality. Lastly, we created a dashboard which analyzed their data and showed the correct attributions of the purchases and their value down to the last penny from campaign level, ad set level and ad level.


With our help, the online store was able to target its campaigns to specific audiences, resulting in an increase in all key campaign metrics including an increase of their ROAS from 0.92 to 2.96. Because of this massive increase in their ROAS they were able to scale their ad spend by a factor of 7 in the month after implementing OneTrack. On the basis of these dashboards, they were now able to run profitable campaigns again.

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